Colton & Rylee Bonus Scene

When I reformatted the Driven Movie editions of the paperbacks, I added a never read before bonus scene. Here is that scene for everyone to see.

Please note that this bonus scene takes place toward the end of Crashed (book #3) so if you haven’t read book 3, this will have major spoilers in it. 

I hope you enjoy!

“You can stop driving me to work you know.”

“I’m perfectly aware of that but I’m kind of partial to the view I get when you walk towards the house.” Curves. Attitude. One helluva package that’s now my whole world.

Rylee flashes that smile of hers – pure innocence – but I know the fucking truth behind it.  Know the defiant vixen that owns me hook, line, and huge ass sinker. And fuck how I’d love to pull her back into the Range Rover and take her back to our bed – or any convenient location – and have my way with her again.

I can’t get enough of her.

Sliding a glance at the back seat, I grin as my mind contemplates the possibilities.

“Dream on, Donavan.” She laughs the words and rolls her eyes.

I can think of better ways to make her eyes roll back.

That back seat’s looking better and better by the second.

She starts to close the door and then stops before looking toward The House where I’m sure at least four pair of eyes are on us before turning those violet eyes back to me. Angling her head to the side, she studies me in silence and now I’m fucking worried that she knows. But she can’t. It’s not possible.

Then again falling in love wasn’t possible either and look at me now.

“What?” I ask as unaffected as possible despite my thumb beating against the steering wheel. Thank fuck I have sunglasses on or else she’d probably see my eyes widen in fear that’s she’s caught on.

“I’m okay, Colton. You don’t need to worry about me anymore. Zander’s dad is gone, I’ve recovered from . . . everything. Nothing’s going to hurt me.” The sincerity in her voice plays me like a fucking violin, pulling on the strings I thought that had been broken and irreparable. Her words make me feeland that in itself is crazy as fuck.

“I know. I like driving you. I like coming in to see the boys when I can…and I love kissing you goodbye.”

“Hm. I do especially like that last part.” She steps onto the running board and leans into the cab toward me. Our lips meet, tongues touch, and fuck if she’s not the sweetest addiction a man can have.

Only thisman, though.

And I plan on making that notion a step further today.

We break apart, her taste still on my tongue. “Baby, there’s no doubt about that. Have a great shift. Tell the boys I’ll come in when I pick you up tomorrow and they better be ready for me to kick their butts on the Xbox, game of their choice.”

“I’ve been warned of the impending overflow of testosterone,” she groans.

“You like my overflow of testosterone.” I lift my eyebrows, the sound of her laugh turning me one.

Fuck. I’ve got it bad. Her damn voodoo pussy calling to me on every level: eyes, dick, heart . . . soul.

“Have fun in San Clemente.”

My heart stops at her statement. “What?”I cough the word out.

“I heard you on the phone with Becks. Something about going there today.”

“Yeah. Yes. Going to lunch with one of the Penzoil reps.”

Real smooth, Donavan. Sweet Jesus, why don’t you just tell her what you’re doing already by overreacting?

“Cool. Have fun.” She shuts the door and then looks in the window. “I love you.”

The emotion in her eyes is like an arrow to my heart. Shit, I’m pathetic, thinking cupid and shit. But damn if the words – the ones that used to choke me, make me ill – don’t come to my tongue like they can’t wait to be said. “I love you too.”

She gives me one last smile. The kind that makes my balls and heart constrict. The one that tells me she’s mine.

Once the door shuts behind her, I pull away from the curb.

Lunch with the Penzoil reps, my ass.

I’m going to do something that’s so not normal for me I’m at a loss.

I’m far from traditional. Way fucking far from it . . .

But this time it matters that I try to be.

This one time I’m going to do something right from the start.

I’m going to ask Rylee’s dad for her hand in marriage.

13 Responses

  1. OMG why would that be taken out of the book. I love their interactions and how much Colton has opened up because of Rylee. I swoon every time I read the books, which I have lost count as to how many times I’ve read the books and watched the movies. Kristy I am so amazed by you. This was your first book and my all time favorite and I’ve read a lot of books. I love all your books and have read them all. Just keep them coming please, but for some reason the Driven series pull at my heart and I can’t get enough of it. Thank you Kristy

  2. I would have loved reading about Colton asking Rylee’s father if he could marry Rylee. I think he would be nervous but sure of himself, because he now knows that Rylee is his other half. His checkered flag. And he knows Rylee’s dad wont say no because he too can see that Colton loves his daughter with everything in him. And what father could say no to that… I loved the bonus scene. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Awww Colton turned from race car bad boy to romantic. Love Colton and Rylee, miss them and they’re banter, their story. Thank you Kristy!!! Best Series ever!!!!

  4. Love this little glimpse into Colton’s thoughts and his heart. I can never get enough of them. Thanks KB….

  5. I’m so happy with the version you sent to print, I would have been so disappointed in Rylee knowing she left him, especially on a race day. I’ve read the series so many times, I swear it’s like I know them and that they’re real. Beckett was right, she was a coward and it went so against her whole personality…to give up on him? Really?
    I love the way Fuel ended in the published version and I absolutely LOVE the Driven series. Thank you Kristy for giving us such a wonderful series.

  6. Could the rest of the series be made like the first book was? I would love to see how the rest of it plays out on screen. I’m hooked now

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