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I get a lot of questions about what the reading order for my books. I have some that are a series that must be read in order while others are complete standalones that are set in the same world…I’m hoping this makes it easier for you to pick what you are in the mood to read.

The Driven Series

In this series, all books must be read in order. The story continues from one book to the next with the exception of the novella Raced. This novella is a collection of new and retold chapters from Colton’s point of view to give readers a better insight to his thinking. It is not a necessity to read, but many readers enjoyed getting into his head. This series is complete.

Driven (Book #1)

Fueled (Book #2)

Crashed (Book #3)

Raced (Book #4) – optional Novella

Aced (Book #5)

Driven Standalone Novels

Did you love the characters in the Driven series but only want a one book commitment? Below are complete standalone novels that highlight a different couple in each book.

Slow Burn (STANDALONE) (Becks and Haddie)

Sweet Ache (STANDALONE) (Hawkin and Quinlan)

Hard Beat (STANDALONE) (Tanner and Beaux)

Down Shift (STANDALONE) (Zander and Getty)

The Player Duet

If sports romance is your thing, here is a two book series for you about a baseball player and his physical therapist. And if sports isn’t your thing, there is a lot more to this book than just baseball. These books must be read in order. This series is complete.

The Player (Book #1)

The Catch (Book #2)

Everyday Heroes

In this series, all books are considered complete standalones. You do not have to read them in order, however, you’ll get to visit with all the characters throughout the books. This is the suggested reading order. This series is complete.

Cuffed (STANDALONE) (Grant and Emerson)

Combust (STANDALONE) (Grady and Dylan)

Worth the Risk (STANDALONE) (Grayson and Sidney)

Control (STANDALONE Novella) (Desi and Reznor)

Wicked Ways Duet

If a complicated hero and heroine are your thing, here is a two book series for you about a woman might flirt with the wrong side of the law for all the right reasons and a high power divorce attorney with a distaste for relationships. Throw in a dirty senator, her adorably cute niece, and some unexpected twists and turns. These books must be read in order.

Resist (Book 1)

Reveal (Book #2)

Play Hard Series

If you love stories about a family then the Play Hard series is one you won’t want to miss. Four sisters set out to save their dad’s sports management agency. Each sister has her own book where she is trying to win a new client over to the firm . . . while keeping her heart out of it. Each book is a standalone about a different sister with guest appearances but the others. If sports romance is what you like, then this series will call to you.

Hard to Handle (Hockey)

Hard to Hold (Soccer)

Hard to Score (Football)

Hard to Lose (Baseball)

Hard to Love (Tennis)

The S.I.N. Series

Do you like alpha billionaires? Triplets in fact? Meet the Sharpe brothers. Wealthy. Complicated. Fun to love. This series is made up of three standalone books. One about each brother and each focusing on different tropes.

Last Resort

On One Condition

Final Proposal

The Redemption Series

Is small town romance your thing? Meet the men of Redemption Falls and the women who challenge them.

Until You


The Full Throttle Series

Do you like your heroes competitive? Do you like them to give a good chase after the women they desire? Meet the men of the Full Throttle series. The are Formula 1 drivers – each book is a standalone with a different driver and different tropes.

Off The Grid

On The Edge

Over the Limit

Out of Control

The Tangled Hearts Series

Is a morally gray hero who you fall hardest for? Then meet Holden Knight. A man on a mission to seek revenge on those who wronged him in the past. His wants are cut and dried until he meets Rowan Rothschild. She’s just a means to an end . . . until he falls for her. (This book is a trilogy. Each book is about the same characters and must be read in order.)

Twisted Knight (book #1)

Tangled Hearts (book #2)

Twined Fates (book #3)


Standalone Novels

Do you want a one book read? Here are my sweet, sexy standalones for you.

Sweet Cheeks

Sweet Rivalry (Novella)

UnRaveled (Novella)

Faking It

Flirting with 40

Sweet Regret

The Package (A Holiday Novella)

The Detour (A Holiday Novella)

Forever More (A Holiday Novella)

What If (Part of Two More Days Anthology)

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