Your Driven movie questions answered . . .

I’m so thrilled that you are all loving the Driven (6 part) movie! But I also know you have a lot of questions too, so I’m going to put the most often asked ones here for your reference. Please let me know if you have any more.


Q: Is the discount code still good?

A: Yes!! If you sign up for Passionflix HERE – you can use the code KBROMBERG at checkout to receive your first three months at a discounted rate. The code is valid through October so sign up before it expires. (Discount shows at checkout.)


Q: Does the 6-part series encompass just Driven or all of the books?

A: It only encompasses Driven – book 1.


Q:  Is the rest of the series being filmed?

A:  I currently have an option with Passionflix for both Fueled and Crashed. The hopes are that we can film them back to back in spring of 2019. If that’s not possible, we’ll film Fueled in 2019 and Crashed in 2020. I do not have set dates other than that.


Q: Are Casey (Colton) and Olivia (Rylee) contracted for Fueled and Crashed?

A: They do have options in their contracts for Fueled and Crashed, yes.


Q: Can I watch Driven anywhere else besides Passionflix?

A: At this time, no . . . BUT they are currently working on a DVD for purchase as well as after 90 days, it will be available for download on Amazon.


Q: What about the songs? Can I get a soundtrack?

A: You guys are loving the music in Driven! All of the songs were written specifically for the movie and cannot be found on any music sites yet, BUT Passionflix is working on getting you a soundtrack for them.


Q: Will there be a blooper reel?

A: The blooper reel will be out in September on Passionflix


Q: Are there any interviews with the cast?

A: There were some interviews done on the red carpet at the premier. You can find those here: Olivia, Tosca, Kristy, Tommy, Christian, Roman, and Jeff). We also did some interviews on-set and so I’m sure those will be coming out shortly.


Q: Will you be remaking the covers of the paperback to match the movie poster?

A: Yes, I am. It’s already in the works. Bear with me while I get new formatting, etcetera for the added content. I’ll definitely announce when they are available for purchase or you can sign up HERE to be notified via email when they are.


Q: Where can I get Driven merchandise?

A: I’m currently working on some new merchandise to go along with the movies. I will have a one time merchandise box for sale shortly (sign up HERE to be notified when it’s available). I’m also working on T-shirts, hats, tumblers, and a few other things you’ve been asking for. Passionflix has their own merchandise as well and have been talking about making Driven movie posters so make sure to check out their site.


Q: How can I get the movie postcards from you?

A: You can send a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to me at

K. Bromberg
PO BOX 933
Alpine, CA 91903-0933

If you are international, send me your email address and mailing address so I can calculate postage for you.



81 Responses

  1. Hey I wanted to know if there would be a season 2 for driven? I’m from the U.K. and my god it’s like the best series I’ve ever watched and would love to see another season. Also the actors were amazing especially Casey what a performer. ❤️

  2. So I’ve read all the books of Driven and they are really good but you should also do all the of the seasons for Driven not just the first 3 but all of them..Show all the stories I will watch them in a heart beat I also like Zander story you should think about doing a movie about him..

  3. I really hope we ate getting more of this series. I just read all the books after watching Driven and I need more.

  4. There just have to be more of the series movies with the same actors as Driven Love Driven I am Obsessed!!! So much fun!!!

      1. I just watched driven on Amazon but it stopped when he kicked her out… is there gonna be anymore episodes for the book , I’ve played the game also and it didnt stop where colton kicked her out of his house after having his nightmare

  5. It has been nearly a year since Driven was released. When is the soundtrack going to be available? Will the songs be available on iTunes, Spotify?

    1. Hi Aurora!
      I get that question a lot and honestly, it’s a question for Passionflix. The artists are currently tied up in a legal battle I believe over the contract and releasing the songs for a soundtrack… but I know Passionflix is really working on because readers really loved the original music in the movie. I’ll tell more when I know more.

        1. I’m afraid it isn’t available for free. You can purchase the DVDs, subscribe to Passionflix, or IF you have Amazon Prime, it is available free with your Amazon Prime membership. If you do not have Amazon Prime, you can also pay to stream it there as well.

  6. When is season 2 coming out. The best series I have seen can’t wait so can you give me dates when I can expect season 2 please.

  7. I had NO IDEA this was finally made into a movie and was so stoked when I discovered passionflix. I LOVED Driven! And I loved how they went for it in the love/sex scenes. Now that’s what I’m talking about! If you are going to do it, go big! I give Casey & Olivia a lot of credit for going there in those scenes. They truly brought them to life and nailed the chemistry between Colton & Rylee. I am in withdrawl and can not wait for Fueled to hit Passionflix. For now I’ll just keep rewatching Driven until Fueled is out. The book series was fantastic too, so so glad this was made into a movie. Thank you to K.Bromberg for writing it and thank you to passionflix for bringing it to life!

  8. I’m beyond thrilled for Fueled and Crashed, the movies! I loved reading all of the books in this series. I was blown over by the superb creation of Driven in movie format! You are a gifted writer and I eagerly look forward to following the cinematic version of this fantastically enthralling series! I’m also waiting with bated breath for the soundtrack to Driven! With sincerest gratitude.

  9. Sou do Brasil, aqui só temos os dois primeiros livros em português. Estou apaixonada pelos personagens e gostaria decsaber se tem a possibilidade de serem publicados em meu idioma .
    Parabéns pelo trabalho.
    Assisti a primeira temporada de driven em inglês e amei.

    1. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for the next installment. There should be a better way of marketing books to film. I happened to trip upon one of my favorite storylines (Driven ,Fueled and crash) had been made into a movie. I happened to pass the word onto a friend who shares my like interest. She to subscribed to Passionflix. What’s frustrating is after two years, there’s no word on the next episodes (we’re talking after two years). Fans lose interest and move on because it’s not fair to be left hanging. Driven was sooo good I hope I don’t move on cancel my subscription because I’ve waited so long for the next series.

      1. I totally understand and hear your frustration. Passionflix does too.We are waiting for all the actors’ schedules to be freed up! Who knew Casey was going to be picked up on a show and it would take off? We’re aiming for the beginning of 2020 to film Fueled and Crashed back to back!

        1. what is the song name played in 6th episode “that have you ever loved someone so much that its hard to breath” y cant i find that song on YouTube??

          1. It’s called dark matter by Cameron Jones and he said it won’t be released anytime soon unfortunately/:

        2. So glad to hear! Just wondering are the plans for the next 2 movies to similar as a 6 part series or a full length movie? Would be great if it was full length episodes felt to short. Love them all but just wanted more!

  10. Love all three of your books and so glad if fueled and crashed came come to life on passionflix.
    The characters are so real. Are they on Audible? Wish the whole series of 3 books were done at the same time. Only thing I missed in the series was the eye color since it played a big role in the books but everything elde was PERFECT!!!

    1. Hi Geri-
      Thank you so much. I know the eye color was disappointing but I am okay with it. Yes, the series is on Audible, http://smarturl.it/DrivenAudible, http://smarturl.it/FueledAudible, and http://smarturl.it/CrashedAudible … and it’s a lot to ask a studio to make 3 movies before knowing if people will watch the first one. We are coordinating actors’ schedules as we speak to get them back in front of the camera so we can film Fueled and Crashed, back to back.

  11. Loved the books fantastic writing, will there be any more to the series as I’ve finished series 1 and really hope it’s going to continue?

  12. When will fueled be released?? I’m so desperately needing to watch it next…will Casey also be playing in it as well as Olivia?

  13. I loved the books and the driven movie was awesome. I’can’t wait for fueled and crashed movies to come out. The wait is killing me.

  14. Loving the series, I can’t stop watching it, I get withdrawal lol…you nailed the casting for Colton & Rylee…I would swear they are obsessed or at least VERY attracted to eachother in real life to make those sex scenes look so real and full of raw emotion…sigh!!! Casey is absolutely gorgeous and all man! Yum!

  15. i really loved the book i am reading the 3rd part now and i am about to finish it nd it makes me sad because i had a really good time really thr driven trilogy
    And thank you for giving us such a great book to read
    And please try to finish the series soon i can not wait to see it live!!

  16. Hallo from Germany. I hope you and Passionflix realize your international fanbase can’t wait for all the Seasons of Driven to be translated to the screen. we are waiting ! A perfect cast. and the music, really a stellar job. And to me as a psychologist it’s a very special series bc it touches upon so many mental health issues and foster kids, posttraumatic and postpartum stuff few romance novels address in such a realistic way. I hope we get all the movies plus Aced bc this book is so important for moms! Kudos! Just a great book and a wonderful adaptation.

  17. Ive just finished aced and was a tad disappointed that haddie and becketts relationship wasn’t mentioned as a little side note to let us all no how they’ve gotten on over the past few years. Would love another book about what life was like after slow burn finished

  18. hi , am so dying right now , like for real , we dont have any news , there is just rumors , and am just … Dying . I cant imagine fueled and crashed without Casey ! Driven is Casey and Casey is Driven ( Olivia too of course <3 ) , can we have any information about this please Kristy <3
    Love You

  19. The ending gutted me, and brought back memories when my husband was having bipolar episodes. I can relate to Rylee so much. I really hope that Casey and Olivia will reup for continuing shoots. I LOVE the series.

  20. I am new to your books and this series and actually started reading the books after watching season 1 of Driven. I am hooked! I can’t wait until Fueled and Crashed are released as a series/movie. I hope they will be out soon. I also think Aced is a nice tie in to the original books and allows us into the lives of Colton and Rylee after being happily married. I am hopeful that you will consider possibly filming Aced as well. By the way, I love all of the casting, even the supporting characters. Please do not change anyone.

        1. No, he’s not. After almost two years of waiting for his schedule to clear, and then renegotiating everything, he opted not to continue with the series and walked away. For continuity’s sake, it’s a drag, but the new Colton is so excited to take part in this project so I can’t wait for you guys to meet him!

  21. Just finished watching the series. I loved it! Waiting for the next series.The movie series left Colton and Rylee hanging in limbo.

  22. Just finished reading the books and watching the series. Fell in love with Ace and Ry. Hope you are starting to shoot the rest of the series soon. I am looking forward to it. Stay safe and healthy.

  23. I didn’t know this series. When I watched the series I fell in love with the story.The actors Colton & Rylee have a good chemistry, so authentic. I was a little disappointed when I heard that Colton is not coming back. For this reason i think i will not watch the second film. Casey Deidrick was perfekt for the role. But I will read the books.
    Thanks a lot K.Bromberg for such a beautiful story! It means a lot to all of us.
    Lovely greetings from Germany.

  24. Oh damn, two weeks ago I have watched the series and then I was so excited that I have bought all 4 books and read them within two weeks, so please tell me that the series is getting a second season… Are there any news or dates?

    1. Yes … we were set to film on April 5th but it was shut down due to Covid. So now we’re waiting for the world to open back up again. I’m so glad you enjoyed the series so far!

  25. Any updates at all on a release date for Driven 2??? I haven’t seen anything new in months and still have no idea who is playing the role of Colton? It would be really great if we could get any kind of new information, since we have been anticipating this for so long!!!!!

    1. Yes. News coming very soon. We were waiting to figure out all the new Covid protocols before we announce.
      And yes, we have a new Colton who is so excited to play the part. He’s read all the books, really gets Colton, and I can’t wait!

  26. Hi,
    Can I ask what the song is called from episode 6 (Time: 20:08 )
    When Colton and Rylee make love.
    The lyrics is: (Chorus) Have you ever loved someone, so much, so much so you couldnt breath…

    And when will this song be released?
    And please also let me know the artist

    Im looking forward to the next chapeter of Driven serie.

  27. I don’t think I am going to continue with the series since I can’t imagine anyone else playing the part of Colton but Casey. Driven was great and I think I will just have to stop there.

    1. I understand… but I have to tell you, while I thought Casey was a great Colton… Michael blew it out of the water. Watching scenes being filmed – I was completely taken with him as Colton.

  28. I would really love to have the song from Driven “Game Changer”. Will the music from the first series ever be released?

  29. I suspected the week before episode 4 that colton was going to crash. and it was really hard to watch after he told reily he loved her. But i did not know that it would be left with the plume of smoke. or i would not watched the end. its hard not even knowing if he is alive .No i have not read the books. and having to wait so long to find out. But i enjoyed the series very much, although it was hard at first because of a new actor playing colton in the second series. but i watched the second series over and over again. And Michael really grew on me.

  30. I would like to know too. The key words appear to be “Right for the Now”. I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find it. Kristy mentioned that all the songs were written specifically for the movie. So I guess we will have to wait until Passionflix releases them.

  31. I would like to know if there is a soundtrack for Driven Season 1. There are a lot of songs with the episodes that I really like and I am having trouble finding them on Spotify. If someone could please let me know, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

    1. As for Season 1 songs … I know there was some kind of rights dispute that tied the music up and from Passionflix releasing a soundtrack. That was a long time ago though and so I’m not sure what the status is now. Passionflix would be the one to ask about this.

  32. I’m going to be honest with y‘all. Casey walking away from Driven the way he did was super weird, and I don’t buy the whole “scheduling conflicts” storyline. Especially given how much time passed before he officially exited. I can understand why this role would’ve been a risky one for him to undertake in the beginning, but 20/20 hindsight, it’s looking like it would’ve paid off. On to Michael, when I first started streaming season 2, I had no idea Colton had been replaced, and for 5 minutes I sat there wondering if I’d ever really watched any of the show at all, or if I’d lost my mind. Now, having watched season 2, I think there are pros/cons to the casting change. Overall, from a continuity standpoint, changing a main character like this sucks. For my own personal taste, I found Casey more visually appealing as Colton. That said, Michael brought a warmth to the role that Casey lacked. Meaning, a guy can be a prick and still be like-able. Casey-Colton wasn’t like-able to me. The warmth brought by Michael-Colton made him more realistic as a man Riley might fall in love with- to me, anyway. I look forward to seeing how the story develops in season 3. For a writer though, the fact that this happened at all sucks. It rains on the parade and goes against a writer’s instincts to put a neat bow on everything. I think we’d all have been better off if Michael-Colton had been cast in the first place. A slightly prettier face wasn’t worth the drama, in this case, or messing with the 3 DVD box set. So lesson learned. We in the public likely won’t ever know the real story behind what happened with Casey. I’m curious as to whether or not his Colton would’ve become more like-able in season 2, but now that also will remain a mystery.

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